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Monday, April 29, 2013

43 Pounds

Sherri L. Smith's Orleans
Libby Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty
This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to go with some of my friends to the Texas Library Conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Gabi from Gabi Books It and Britney from I Eat Words trekked around the convention center where we got to meet Libba Bray, author of A Great and Terrible Beauty, Going Bovine, and The Diviners, and Sherri L. Smith author of Flygirl and Orleans. 
All. The. Books.  43 pounds of books.

It was phenomenal. I actually got to speak with Smith a bit about the inspiration for her novel Orleans,, which is where her mother was from and where she survived Hurricane Katrina.

Part of the beauty of this experience is all the books I was able to get for quite cheap/free. It being my first time at such an event, I did not adequately prepare. My shoulders ache from carrying the bags full of books.

Next year, I'm taking a suitcase.

Well, readers, I have some reading to do. Reviews coming soon!

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